The Ultimate 'On-Demand' Public Speaking Skills for Kids

 During the masterclass, your child will learn

✅practical techniques of Public Speaking;

✅common body language mistakes;

✅speech faults to enhance their communication skills; and

✅to speak with greater confidence and fluency!

January 14, 2017

Cardio with Christina

9:00 am

We develop your child's creativity, confidence and communication skills through our signature programmes where we encourage them to ask questions, to collaborate with others to find the best solutions and to overcome challenges. This helps them perform well not only in the classroom, but ultimately equips them with life skills for the future.

Chris Fit

January 14, 2017

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

We understand the importance of creativity and encourage your child to be more curious, so as to constantly learn about their surroundings. We help your child develop resilience to be able to face challenges while knowing how to take care of themselves.

Jasmine Aziz

January 14, 2017

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

We offer a comprehensive approach in developing commendable stage presence and presentation skills, trained by our team of professionals. We take steps to develop and grow your child's Public

Speaking and communication skills to the highest level!

Iron Mike

Why Choose The Speech Academy?

We are the leading experts in Public Speaking and to date, over 1,000 students had benefited from our proven methodologies to speak English with greater confidence!

To keep our students motivated, we ensure fun, interactive and inspiring courses, conducted with engaging and positive approaches. Simple practical techniques, enjoyable educational games and practice with feedback encourage students to develop their unique individual style. The courses cover five skill areas: thematic speeches, speech linguistic patterns, emotional intelligence, confident techniques and English writing skills. At the end of the course, students have the option to complete a Trinity College London Communication Skills Assessments.


Trinity College London Communication Skills Assessment

21st century skills for confident communication

Communication Skills exams are designed to support candidates in developing a range of 21st Century communication skills that can have a positive impact in both education and the workplace.Trinity’s exams are interactive, with a real focus on performance. As an actor prepares to perform a role in the theater, a good presenter will prepare to deliver their presentation to an audience. As solo presenters or in groups, candidates create and deliver talks and presentations based on their own interests, and have the opportunity to discuss and debate these issues with the examiner, encouraging further development of ideas. 

Did you know that one of the best ways to prepare your kids for their future careers is to develop their public speaking skills❓

We take STEPS to Develop and Grow your Child's Public

Speaking and Communication Skills to the Highest Level!