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Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu speaking is a skill that everyone can benefit from whether in social situations such as weddings and birthdays or formal situations like business meetings and school presentations.

Here are some time-tested tips that will help you when you are put on the spot to speak.

P.R.E.P. (Point, Reason, Example, Point)

Start your speech by making a clear point about the subject. Next, explain why you're speaking on the topic. Then, give a few examples to bring life to your story and finally, end with a concluding point that wraps up your speech. By following this flow, you'll be able to clearly state your main point and keep your ideas on course. P.R.E.P. is a perfect fit for business meetings, conference calls and even interviews.

Pros VS Cons Method

Set up the issue by addressing the pros first, the cons second and then neatly wrap up your point with your recommendation. This technique works well in business meetings, debates and in everyday settings.

Share Personal Stories

Base it on a story from your own experience, preferably a recent experience. Start with a simple statement of the significance of your speech. Then, tell a story which illustrates the statement and end your speech by restating the significance of your story. Set the scene by describing places, using facial expressions and physical movements. Add pauses to heighten the interest, particularly before the punchline, the final part of the story. This technique works in formal and informal situations. People love listening to stories!

The only way to master impromptu speaking is by jumping in and practicing in real-time. If you struggle with being a perfectionist, don't stress. Simply try to have fun! Most people will applaud your courage and willingness to stand up.

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