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When I Grow Up...

Are we seeing more and more young people stretching their “dependent” life further than previous generations? 5 - 6 years to get through college. Not deciding on a career until they are in their mid 20’s if not later. Waiting for a “sign” from somewhere to get on with their adult life.

Ambition gets you up earlier in the morning. Ambition can create exciting times. Ambition can be energizing. The period of your life when you are the most ambitious could be the most fun part of your life.

Your children enjoy hearing about the life you lived before they came along. So why not use that as an opportunity to talk about the many generations of grit and dedication it took to get them where they are today?

Nowadays, with so many parents working a typical 9-to-5 schedule—which is progress!—kids don’t always see the toil that comes with getting ahead. Yet research from MIT has found that witnessing an adult persist with a task can actually increase effort and resolve in children as young as 15 months. You are his/her biggest role model so it’s important for him/her to hear about your work stresses and how you ultimately prevailed.

Say you inherited your parents’ work ethic and want to pass on the same motivation to the next generation. Here's how you can easily encourage your child's creativity, imagination, and emotional growth.

  1. Challenge them: Wrapping your child in protective blankets will only make the world seem more frightening than it really is. Set them challenges that will stretch them. Celebrate the successes with them.

  2. See the world: Give your children opportunities to see new things, new places, and meet new people. No one changed the world by staying at home. Take them traveling.

  3. Role play: Creative play develops creative thinking. Children do this instinctively, but encourage them and suggest scenarios for them to explore.

  4. Accept change: If yesterday's budding astronaut becomes today's budding airline pilot, don't frown. It could simply be that your child has been thinking and recognizes that flying a plane is more achievable.

  5. It's not about money: Don't push your child toward high-earning careers. There's more to life than money.

If you want your kids to go after what they want, prepare to cheer them on. Experts agree it’s a great way to build confidence at an early age.

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