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Annelies Neels

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Academic Manager

As a creative all-rounder, Annelies has been involved in many different projects including school camps, drama clubs, language teaching, writing and many more.

Annelies has been sharing her knowledge of speech and drama with others since the age of sixteen – an experience which later encouraged her to become a full-time teacher. As a fully licensed (Master of Education) Language, Visual and Performing Arts Educator, she has long been inspiring children from different backgrounds worldwide with her unique and creative lessons. Having been involved in a speech and drama course for over a decade, she’s also a strong believer in the benefits of public speaking skills.

In addition to teaching, Annelies’ passion for humanitarian work also makes her a strong advocate for education. She believes that every person has the right to a good education and believes that making learning accessible can lead to great changes for individuals and the world as a whole.

Ida Suhaini Tajul Urus

Public Speaking Consultant

Ida Suhaini Tajul Urus is Speech Academy Asia Penang’s Adult and Corporate Public Speaking trainer. With 9 years of experience as an English language teacher in University Sains Malaysia (USM), Ida has mastered her skills to a high level of expertise in communication and speaking skills. 

Her involvement as an actor and director in the local art scene, shows not only her passion for the arts of performing and speaking, but her passion to contribute socially. Furthermore, Ida has one several prizes as an international speaker and director and has been a USM representative for various Speech Competitions around Penang.

Ida believes in the empowerment of speech and as she states herself: The most important part of Public Speaking for me would be empowering individuals with not just awareness of the external world but also of the internal world.

We are very proud to have Ida as a part of our team. Certainly, her exceptional teaching experience and skills are imperative to motivate our students to reach their full potential.


Tan Seoh Chen

Public Speaking and Speech and Drama Trainer
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+ Winner of the Humorous Speech Contest (Straits Quay, Penang), 2015

+ First place for Inter-Class Public Speaking

Above are just a few off the numerous prizes Miss Chen has won. Every person who has ever met her knows her as spontaneous, expressive and very active. It comes as no surprise that Miss Chen is very involved both professionally and in her free time.

With 8 years of experience up her sleeve she’s not only an expert in Speech and Drama classes, but she also has exceptional skills as a language and phonics teacher. Adapting classes to all ages and abilities, Miss Chen will be in charge of our Pre-school curricula as well as conducting Public Speaking classes of all ages.

Miss Chen finds the learning journey very significant to acquire new knowledge. It's not all about completing tasks and doing homework, if you're not learning anything new in the process, it may just be frivolous.

Miss Chen spends most of her irretrievable spare time on creating awareness about mother Earth, engaging in public speaking contests, participating in companion animal adoption drives and many more extravagant activities.

Fatima Abdullah Hussein Zawia

Public Speaking Trainer

With Double Bachelor of Arts (Degree) in English and in Creative Multimedia, Fatima is equipped with a solid foundation, outstanding skillset as our Public Speaking trainer with an abundance in creativity. She is also a certified internationally- recognised TESOL trainer with the acquired teaching skills to empower our students with well-spoken English. With the exposure to international internships, Fatima is skilled to teach students from different age groups with diverse learning needs. Apart from that, Fatima is constantly enhancing her skillset by involving in different educational programmes to help others in their learning.

Fatima believes that Public Speaking is a key skill to master regardless of one's profession or background, she is passionate about equipping our students with good communication skills and help them to unlock their full potential.



Public Speaking Trainer

Rosa has found her passion for teaching after started working in the education field several years ago. Her experience in Wawasan Open University had inspired her to contribute in improving the education quality. She demonstrates her dedication and devotion in teaching whilst undergoing her Master’s in Education.

She believes that education paves the way for us to think, help us to develop the right perspectives and make this world a better place. At Speech Academy Asia, she aspires to unlock the potential of our students and empower them to be individuals with strong confidence in life. Rosa always engages our students with fun, interactive activities with lots of creativity and inspire them to be a lifelong learner. With her dedication in teaching and several years of teaching experience, she is certainly a great asset to our Penang team!

Our Passionate Team

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