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Children Public Speaking

Children at The Speech Academy learn the important aspects of character development, such as leadership and entrepreneurial skills, using our Speech Linguistic Patterns and Neuroemantics methodology. These teaching pedagogies contain thousands of methods for improving body language, voice, emotions, and speech crafting! By incorporating highly engaging games into our curriculum, your children will learn the essentials to mastering public speaking. The development of such transferable skills or otherwise, ‘employability skills is considered vital in today’s society since academic achievements can no longer guarantee future success. A part of our course your child is encouraged to take part in our annual National Public Speaking competitions endorsed by the Ministry of Education.


Public Speaking Foundations


This course is specifically designed for children who would love to join our Public Speaking course, but experience a language barrier in our regular classes. Therefore, our foundation course is an excellent mixture of building up fluency in the English language and establishing the basics of public speaking. In other words, our foundation course is the ideal preparation to continue into our Public Speaking courses. With this course, we strive to take away the language barrier and make your child both fluent in English and confident in public speaking.

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