Children I Speech & Drama 

In our Speech and Drama course we take our highly effective public speaking methodology and combine it with international theatre curriculum. A part from the basic theatre skills, creativity and confidence are in the spotlight! Students will learn about imagination, creativity, character building and storytelling. Our holistic approach helps them build confidence through eloquent communication. This award-winning course doesn't just train them for being expressive and articulate, your children will cultivate the necessary soft skills to excel in life. Our course will be conducted by experienced Speech & Drama Teachers and your child will be able to perform in our very own academy productions.

PRE-school I Speech & Drama

For the youngest of them all we’ve designed a special course unique in Penang. Our Speech and Drama course for Preschoolers is a combination of our Awardwinning Public speaking methodology and our praised speech and drama curriculum. We’ve infused body language, voice elements, emotions, and speech crafting techniques into music, dance and drama activities to construct a well thought out program.  This course is highly appropriate and inspiring for your toddlers to become well spoken, confident students with a great preparation for public speaking courses.