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Enlightening Young Minds for a Brighter Future

The world our children will grow up in is a different one, with different challenges. And it will demand different answers and ideas. Which is why we believe in a different kind of learning — one that nurtures a spirit of inquiry and immerses our students in real-world affairs, trends and issues.

This will help our changemakers of tomorrow acquire a new way of seeing, thinking and doing to build a better world.

At The Speech Academy, we recognise the growing importance of nurturing learners with well-rounded skill-sets who can face challenges head-on, and thrive. Through our public speaking lessons, we form a new generation of trailblazers so they may break boundaries to create a better world for us all.

Join our academy today to learn how to sharpen your child's life skills, overcome their fear of sharing their opinions, and help them master ways to deliver effectively each and every time. Brush up on their communication, leadership and entrepreneur skills and help them become effective speakers here!

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