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Survive the New School Year!

Most of us can recall the nerves we felt on our first day starting at a new school; whether moving from nursery to primary school, or primary to secondary school, the prospect can be a daunting one for many children. Not only are there new places and faces to contend with, there are new rules and routines to take on board.

As your child gets ready to go back to school and begin a new school year, it’s time to think about the first few classes and start preparing for a new adventure. But what should you consider? And how can you make sure your child learns, engages and behaves? We have compiled some first day survival tips, to help guide both you and your child prepare for the new school year.

1. Build Good Habits

The value of a good night’s sleep surpasses the notion of merely giving your child more energy. Worrying about homework or tests the following day can make falling asleep at a decent hour difficult so it is important to give your child enough time to relax before going to bed. Having a good night’s sleep will help your child feel refreshed and will equip him or her with the attention needed to deal with the situations he or she will face during the day.

Having breakfast before school is vital. Unfortunately, mornings do not work as smoothly as they are portrayed in cereal commercials so it can be tough to find time to eat. Nevertheless, eating simply a fruit or granola bar can be enough to hold your child over until lunch time and can be very favorable. Eating breakfast can give your child the energy and brain power to handle school’s challenges.

2. Be Time Savvy

Arrive slightly early so that everyone is calm and collected. Arriving early will also enable both you and your child to meet other children and parents as they arrive.

Take your child to the school whilst it’s still closed. Help them to familiarize themselves with the walk or drive route. Allow them to see the scope or scale of the school premises. If possible, point out the school office, the library and any other areas of the school that you can see from the street. Try guessing which classroom your child may be in.

3. Communicate With Friends and Teachers

No matter what grade your child is in, communicating with friends can prove to be of great support. When students are dealing with troubles at home, when they get an F on a test they studied hard for, and even when a teacher gets on their nerves, their friends are going to be the ones who they can confide in and who will help them get over whatever hurdle they are facing. For some, the idea of making friends can be intimidating. Talk about what other children are probably feeling the same way and how the feeling will pass very soon.

As opposed to popular belief, teachers aren’t there to ruin your child's life. When your child asks questions and shows the initiative to learn, his or her teacher will appreciate your child's hard work and want to help your child.

4. Finish All Homework On Time

Making sure your child finishes his or her homework on time is a key to having a successful school year. In fact, after tracking 3,000 children over the past 15 years, a 2012 study done by the Department of Education concluded that spending more than two hours a night doing homework is linked to achieving better results in English, Math and Science.

Your child cannot receive the same results if he or she rushes too quickly through his or her homework.

5. Get Organized

If your child is given a student diary or planner, make sure your child uses it to write down homework – when there is so much going on, it’s easy to forget. Go through your child's timetable and help him or her pack the bag the night before – there’s never time in the morning to find Math books.

Encourage your child to relax and try to enjoy it – in no time at all, it’ll seem like your child has been there forever. And this time next year, your child will be showing the new intake around the school.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your child to have a successful school year. Let’s make this school year a great one!

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