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Back to School Guide for Your Child

"Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be a failure." - Confucius

Getting the kids ready for school after the long holiday can prove to be a hassle. The transition can either be smooth or bumpy, depending on your kids' frame of mind during the break. Part of the success in getting your kids ready for school is the accomplishment of coaching them on the things that will need to do.

In this article, you will learn tips and tricks that will help you make the transition back to school as smooth as possible, without stressing you or your kids out. 1 Remind your child at least a week before the date that they will return to school

Have a calendar that clearly indicates the date the holiday ends. This way, you are keeping them in touch with duties and responsibilities. Posting the schedule where it is visible for all of your kids to see will serve as a daily reminder that not only is there a countdown until the break starts, but there will also be a countdown until school starts again. No kid wants to be surprised when you wake them up one morning, and tell them school starts today. 2 Talk to your child about how they are feeling about going back to school

Kids often have different feelings toward going back to school after a long holiday. Some kids give the impression that they are excited, but are actually just trying to hide their anxiety. If they are excited to go back to school, talk to them about what they are looking forward to, especially if you don't see such excitement during the holiday. The first few weeks are the most critical, so be available for them to talk to, and sensitive to your kids' temperament before and after the first day of school.

3 Returning to school

Talk to them about making new friends and joining activities that are available or subjects they like to learn more about. If your child enjoys sports, then this can also be something positive to bring up, something that they can look forward to participating in. This will be on their minds before school starts.

4 Provide encouragement and reassure your child if they feel anxious

Assure them that feeling anxiety about going back to school after a long holiday is normal - that other kids may also be experiencing the same feelings. If feasible, have him and a classmate go to class together during the first few days of school. By doing so, both kids will feel more confident about themselves.

5 Allow your kid to mingle and socialize with other kids

This will not only help your kid get through school more easily; it will also help his/her interpersonal communication skills. Relating to other people is one of the skills that cannot be acquired without letting the child be on his/her own with other children.

6 Bring your child along when shopping for school supplies

Have them pick the things that they want to use for school. By doing so, you relieve the anxiety of having incomplete school supplies on the first day of school. School supplies should be chosen by your child, within reason.

7 Try to modify your child's body clock by imposing a new schedule for sleeping, starting at least a week before school begins

During the holiday, children will tend to go to bed late and wake up late. Their body clock may have gotten used to waking up late, so if you don't try to modify this, it will likely pose a problem when school season starts.

8 Impose guidelines on online games and when going out with friends

Make sure that their nights out are scheduled in such a way that it does not interfere with school days. If your children are fond of online games, program the computer so that they can have access to games only at the agreed times.

9 Prepare your kid's study area

This should be conducive to working on assignments as well as a comfortable environment where they'll be happy to work on homework.

10 Make sure you prepare healthy and interesting snacks in and out of school

There are kids who forget to eat when they are studying, while others enjoy it while studying. Make sure that there are always healthy snacks available for them to dig into when hunger strikes.

It's important to understand that all kids experience some sort of hesitation or apprehension when they are faced with going back to school. They may not be ready to go back just yet because they want to savor the stress-free feeling of the holidays. However, there’s many reasons why kids love to attend school. There’s plenty of opportunities to be social and have fun – just what schools and education are supposed to be about.

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