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How to Get an Amazing Speaking Voice

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to listen back to your voice, whether on the phone or on camera? And you are thinking, do I really sound like that? Is that my voice?

Here's how we can help you improve the aesthetic speaking quality of your voice.

Athletes work for years in order to get to the top and win the Olympics. If they stop training, their standard or form will decline. It is the same with the muscles that make up your voice. If you are a speaker or someone who uses your voice often and wants it to be the best it can, with daily practice and improvement, you will be able to perform.

However, when you stop doing the work, the muscles stop getting used the same way, then your performance will not be as good. So the key to having an amazing voice is to start working out a routine for yourself.

Step 1: Warm Up

Find an articulation warm up that works for you. Find exercises you like and do them consistently without fail. Make it a new habit of yours, whether it is the first thing you do every morning, when you are in the shower or when you are driving. This is going to ensure that when it is time to use your voice professionally, it is ready to work and it is not going to have any issues. Warming up is essential.

Step 2: Find Relaxation

Tension, anywhere in your body, affects your voice and ultimately distorts your message. Just because you don’t notice tension doesn’t mean it’s not there. If your impulse to speak must fight its way through six layers of tension to see the light of day, what comes out bears little resemblance to your original intention. Finding a relaxation technique (whether it is deep breathing or yoga) to help you identify and release deep muscle tension can make you a better speaker.

Step 3: Use your Whole Body

If you imagine speech coming only from your mouth or your throat, your voice will be small, weak and shallow. Your listeners will get only part of your voice and by extension, get only part of you. Imagine and practice sound starting in your center and vibrating throughout your whole body, and you will be more fully engaged when you speak. Real communication is about taking what’s inside and putting it on the outside, taking what’s private and making it public. It starts in your body. You are much more likely to speak confidently and genuinely with your whole being.

Use this three-step method to ensure your listeners see the real you and feel the true power of your words. Your voice can make a powerful impression on your listeners.

Join our academy today to learn how to sharpen your presentation skills, overcome the fear of public speaking, and master ways to deliver effective presentations each and every time. Brush up on your public speaking skills and become an effective presenter here!

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