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Introverted VS Extroverted: Tap Into Your Kid's Personality

Not only is it fascinating to observe a child’s personality developing and unfolding as they grow, it is normal to want to the best for your kids, to strive to create the conditions in which every child can flourish. An appreciation of different personality, or psychological types can help guide your parenting so that you respond to children in a way that positively reinforces their strengths, and values their contribution to the world.

Let’s begin by looking at the two basic personality types – extrovert and introvert.

Characteristics of introvert children

  • Cautious, like to assess a situation before taking action.

  • Mull things over, think before they speak.

  • Can concentrate on one thing for an extended period.

  • Listen, gather and process information before forming opinion.

  • Calm demeanor, prefer less stimulating environments.

  • Like to play and learn independently, autonomous.

  • May prefer writing and drawing to speaking.

  • Able to put themselves in the place of others, possess empathy.

Characteristics of extrovert children

  • Risk takers, like to try new things.

  • Enthusiastic, engaging.

  • Easily adapt to new people and new situations.

  • Verbal communicators.

  • Think and act quickly.

  • Like to interact with others, affectionate.

  • Spontaneous, change their minds often.

  • Can work with others to find solutions to problems and conflict.

Recognizing your child's type will not only help you understand his or her behavior but also make you less likely to worry.

Here are some things you can do for your child in these situations: