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Pre-School Education Matters 馃Ц

Center-based programs that have positive impacts on young children鈥檚 development provide some combination of the following features:

路 highly-skilled staff,

路 a language-rich environment,

路 age-appropriate curricula and stimulating materials,

路 warm, responsive interactions between staff and children

At The Speech Academy (TSA), we believe in empowering your child to learn, create and achieve through lessons that are directly relevant to his or her learning needs. Our preschool lessons encompass a variety of teaching methods in order to captivate, educate and enrich your child.

Through the eyes of children

For children, a high-quality program may mean feeling accepted for who they are no matter what their ability or culture. It means having friends and responsive adults, being emotionally and physically comfortable and the possibility of having a variety of fun, interesting and engaging activities.

Through the eyes of parents

For most parents, quality child care safeguards a child鈥檚 health and safety; the child is happy, and the program is convenient and affordable. This also ensures that parents have peace of mind while they are at work.

Other parents may define a high quality program as incorporating tangible school readiness activities, such as pre- or early reading or learning to count, or highlighting learning social skills such as cooperation. Or they may define a quality environment as one in which their families鈥 culture and their child鈥檚 abilities are respected.

Or parents may define high quality child care as an environment in which their child is happy, makes friends, has interesting and positive experiences, and learns about a wide variety of things. Or鈥 all of the above鈥nd more.

Overall elements of quality

Here are some overall elements of child care that TSA provides and are identified as critical to the well-being of children:

  • Teachers who are sensitive and responsive to children

  • Opportunities for active play, developing motor, social, language and cognitive skills through play

  • Practices that support positive interaction amongst children and with adults

  • Facilitation of emotional growth

  • Participation of, support for and communication with parents

  • Respect for diversity and difference, gender equality and inclusion of children with disabilities

On top of that, TSA preschool program has:

  • Broad learning and development goals for children, going beyond narrow academic aims like early literacy and numeracy to social, emotional, cultural, artistic and physical goals

  • An approach that 鈥渓ets children be children鈥, which means learning through play and experiencing a wide range of artistic, cultural, cognitive, social and physical activities.

With TSA, your child will learn how to ask for help when needed, the value of responsibility as he or she begins managing homework and tasks in class, and ways to take and respond to instructions given by his or her teacher(s).

That is why it's important for your child to have a good preschool education that prepares your child for these new experiences in formal education.

TSA preschool program allows your child to have a mix of activities within a lesson, incorporating visual, kinesthetic, aural and read-write stimuli to build cognitive and gross motor skills.

Watch the short video below for a sneak peek of our preschool online lesson.

Click here to find out how we can help your child build key literacy and numeracy skills to be well-prepared for Primary 1.

If you鈥檇 like your child to branch out and practice soft skills in real life, sign up for our virtual classes on our website. Not only will your child learn soft skills, but they鈥檒l also learn how to be a team player, and they鈥檒l learn about presenting online! We hope to see you on Zoom one day!

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